Coke's PortraitHello from the barn at the Ewe Bet Ranch. I am one of many animals that live here.

The owners are nice to us animals. They always feed us first before they feed themselves. We always get top quality feed that is mostly grown by all the farmers we see driving tractors nearby.

In fact, there is big excitement here as all of us sheep have the designation of being "OPP Negative". To get that honor, every single one of us sheep had to have our blood tested multiple times over years and ALL of us had to be negative in order for the whole Ewe Bet Ranch flock to be considered OPP Negative. (OPP is Ovine Progressive Pneumonia - something us sheep do not want to get!)

If you need to purchase any of us to help the health and vigor of your flocks, feel free to give a call to the owners because us animals don't have our own phone line.

If this is the first time you have pointed that squeeky mouse thing toward our web-page, welcome!! (I have to say I am confused about this mouse thing. I hear the people that live here say that the cats are in the barn to catch the mice, yet they let a mouse LIVE in their HOUSE right next to their COMPUTER!! I don't get it!)

I would hate for you to miss out on the "fun and ewes-ful" stories I have already told, sure to go to my "Old News" page to catch up on what's what.

We are a diverse flock of sheep: varying colors and breeds. The main breed of sheep they run here are Rambouillets, both colored and white. Some of us are from heritages such as Lincolns, Corriedales, and cross-breeds.

They give us regular check up's to make sure that we are all free from diseases with big names. Of course, we always pass with flying colors.

Coke is one of the ram lambs they had for sale. He is a nice, handsome ram. If you click your mouse on his name, you can find out more information. Anyway, they decided to keep Coke as their Colored Rambouillet herd sire. He is pretty proud of himself.

They do have other sheep for sale (and if you ask the Dad of the family, he will say ALL of them are for sale for the right price!!) When the lady comes out with a little box that flashes, you will be able to see more examples of our bright shiny faces. Until then, you can always call and talk to them in person, they can tell you all about us sheep.


Some of my friends got to go to the National Western Stock Show in Denver when it was really cold outside. One of the big ewes and one of the teenage ewes came home bragging about these pretty purple rags the people draped on them. I don't know what all the fuss was about, but the people around here were very happy. .....Champ Ribbon.......



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