Wool Wool

We Love Wool!


Wool is a fabulous natural product. It is used in all kinds of products from clothing to mechanics drop cloths.

The individual fibers of wool are naturally absorbent. That is why wool is the perfect choice for both cold weather and warm weather uses. The fibers absorbs moisture and wicks it away from your skin. This is why your feet stay warm and dry, even when you are exercising and your feet are sweating.

At the Ewe Bet Ranch you will find wool everywhere!

Naturally it is protecting the sheep who are gracious enough to provide it for us.

In the house, you will see several spinning wheels that have lots of yarn that is being spun from the wool that has been shorn from the sheep. There are knitting, crocheting and tatting projects that are in process that are using the wool yarn that has just been spun.

You will find felted wool hats that we have just made from the fleeces of our sheep. They are beautiful and functional.

You will find sheepskins that we are either sitting or sleeping on. They are very comfortable as well as therapeutic for those days when we have hauled too much hay. They sure ease the back pains!

We even use wool on the horses bridle to prevent chafing on pressure points.

Any scrap pieces of wool get put in the garden to help maintain the moisture. That will be particularly important this year due to the drought.


You will find many people using our sheepskins to sleep on. Again, the properties of moisture absorption along with the softness of the wool, make it perfect for sleeping. They are also excellent for people who are not able to move much, such as those that are bed or chair-ridden, or who use a wheel chair. The additional padding is comforting for those parts of the body that get extra wear and tear, such as under the arms for those on crutches. In fact they are very, very nice for the computer chair you are currently sitting on!

Don't forget the baby!! Many new parents swear by sheepskins for their babies comfort.

Sheepskins are also used to keep other animals comfortable. They are used to pad equipment, or tack used on horses. For some lucky dogs and cats, sheepskins are used for their beds.

Wool is easy to care for. Gentle cleansing with mild soap and water is all that is needed.

Beautiful sheepskin rugs in front of the fireplace are functional as well as fashionable. Wool is naturally fire resistant. Cinders from the fireplace will only smolder and char instead of igniting. Wool will burn under INTENSE fire, but normally self-extinguishes once the flame source is removed.

"Comfortingly comfortable!"


We also offer white Rambouillet roving, or sliver. It is beautiful. You could spin it thick or thin or thick AND thin. You could skip the spinning and knit or crochet with it directly. I have also woven a beautiful rug just using the roving. It made a great rug for in front of the fireplace, as wool is burn resistant.

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