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We Love Roving!

We Love Alpaca Roving! - - - We Love Wool Roving!


With our roving you can:.

Spin the loveliest yarn - thick or thin, bumpy or smooth!

Create the most awesome felted items!

Arm knit the trendiest bulk blankets!

You could skip the spinning and knit or crochet with it directly.

I have also woven a beautiful rug for in front of the fireplace, as wool is burn resistant.


Wool and Alpaca Roving



US $/appx oz

Rambouillet Sheep Creamy White 3.00
Black Rambouillet Sheep Black 3.00
Rambouillet Cross Sheep Light Gray 3.00
CVM - California Variegated Mutant Sheep Tan 3.00
Huacaya Alpaca Dark Brown 3.50
Huacaya Alpaca Light Brown 3.50
Huacaya Alpaca Caramel 3.50
Huacaya Alpaca White 3.50


If you would like to buy any of our products, just give us a call or drop us an email.

All prices are US dollars, not including any shipping and handling charges.

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1850 E. State Hwy 60

Loveland, CO 80537